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Grapeshot 是一家国际性的先进关键词技术提供商,在公开与非公开程序化购买的环境下为客户提供受众及关键词定向和分析解决方案。Grapeshot分公司遍布全球,包括剑桥,伦敦,纽约,芝加哥,旧金山,新加坡和悉尼。


Grapeshot 是一家国际性的先进关键词技术提供商,在公开与非公开程序化购买的环境下为客户提供受众及关键词定向和分析解决方案。Grapeshot通过其独特的抓取算法为品牌,媒体,购买方以及供应方各类伙伴建立沟通渠道。Grapshot 已经与各大程序化广告平台整合,包括 AppNexus, MediaMath, Turn和The Trade Desk.

Grapeshot每个月接受超过300万每秒查询率(QPS), 3万亿各种不同内容的类别分级,可识别100多种不同语言,标准内容类别涵盖30多种语言包括简体和繁体中文。Grapeshot分公司遍布全球,包括剑桥,伦敦,纽约,芝加哥,旧金山,新加坡和悉尼。更多信息请访问

About Grapeshot

Grapeshot is a New York and London based privately-owned Advanced Keyword Technology provider that provides audience and keyword targeting and analytics solutions in open and private programmatic environments. Grapeshot builds connections for brands, publishers, buy-side and supply-side partners using our page crawling algorithm. Grapeshot’s core technology and product suite offers a fully customizable, transparent and scalable solution, giving our clients simple, integrated control over brand safe targeting.

Grapeshot is integrated with all major programmatic trading marketplaces including AppNexus, MediaMath, Turn, and The Trade Desk. Grapeshot receives over 3M QPS, 3 trillion classifications per month, recognising 100+ languages and deploying standard segments in 30 languages. Grapeshot has offices in Cambridge, London, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Singapore and Sydney.

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