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VIVA畅读(北京维旺明科技股份有限公司), 是一家文化深度内容的新媒体手机阅读平台。


VIVA畅读(北京维旺明科技股份有限公司), 是一家文化深度内容的新媒体手机阅读平台。




  • 多种专题形式:通过对各种文化深度内容新闻、资讯、图集、专题、投票的分类,使内容合作方的优质内容以更多的形式展现在读者眼前。
  • 精准阅读:根据用户的订阅及阅读行为,聚合用户感兴趣的优质文章,为读者带来精准个性化阅读体验。
  • 推荐功能:根据阅读环境特征、文章特征、文章相关性等,推荐读者可能感兴趣的文章,满足读者更深层的阅读需求。
  • 订阅功能:用户点击“订阅”,更新时即刻提醒,满足读者对某一品牌或话题的持续性阅读需求。
  • 一键加热功能:清晰量化用户对文章的认同程度,使读者在阅读的同时,了解到其他用户对该篇文章的态度。

About VIVA

VIVA free reading (Beijing viwangming technology co., LTD.) is a new media mobile reading platform for cultural depth content.

In product technical innovation and strategic resources integration, chang reading has become one of the leading companies in the field of mobile reading, brought by audio and video to mobile phone users a new experience.

The perfect combination of hot news and magazine reading; Read the reading platform of cultural content, and find out all kinds of hot information news in the first place. More than 1000 copyrighted magazines, tens of thousands of self-media brands, free online reading. It also includes the culture short video, the cultural depth of video.

Read as a platform for personalized cultural depth content, it can provide a variety of personalized mobile reading experience for users. Its main features include:

  • a variety of special form: based on the content of various kinds of cultural depth news, information, atlas, project, the classification of the vote, make the content partners high quality content in the form of more show in front of the reader.
  • accurate reading: according to the user's subscription and reading behavior, polymerization users interested in high quality articles, bring readers accurate personalized reading experience.
  • recommendations: according to the characters of reading environment, articles, article relevance, recommend readers might be interested in the article, meet the demand of readers a deeper reading.
  • subscription function: users click on the "subscribe", update instantly reminds, meet readers of the sustainability of a particular brand or subject reading requirements.
  • a key heating function: clear quantitative user's identity in the article, make readers in reading at the same time, to know other user's attitude to the article.




Han ying

VIVA Founder

Han ying, who graduated from the capital normal university in 1987, graduated from cheung kong business school in 2005 with a master's degree in business administration. The founder and CEO of VIVA wireless new media. He was a professor at the capital normal university and served as party secretary. In 1995, cica became the first Internet company to list on nasdaq in the United States. In 1999, at the invitation of four shareholders of the Chinese academy of sciences, Shanghai government, ministry of railways and the ministry of guangdong, he was invited to become vice President of China netcom. He is the vice President of the China business association and President of the business innovation branch of the China business association.

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