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于消费者而言,Robin8智能APP是帮助每位用户管理个人影响力的平台(支持iOS和安卓系统)。坚信每个人身上都有未被发掘的影响力,Robin8 通过智能APP为每位用户提供智能运算来管理影响力并将其转化为收入。通过Robin8,每位用户都可以得到自己的影响力分数以及其在朋友或行业专家中的排名。

About Robin8
Robin8 is a potentially disruptive technology in the media, advertising and marketing industry.
For the consumer, Robin8 is an intelligent App on iOS or android to help anyone manage their influence. Robin8 believes every person has untapped influence. Robin8 offers every person an army of automated tools to manage and monetize their influence using the Robin8 app. In addition, we building powerful new Blockchain tools that will allow users to securely control and monetize their own digital profile data to enable commerce transactions through our smart contract tool. Using Robin8, every person can see their influence scores and how they rank compared to friends or industry experts. Robin8 calculates influence as the ability for the user to inspire someone to follow, like or retweet or outreach with others. In addition to your influence score, Robin8 will recommends relevant content (native advertising) and paid content campaigns to the user. Currently Robin8 has identified over 14 Million user profiles from weibo, zhihu and wechat public accounts. If Robin8 has the person’s profile upon registration, Robin8 will link the profile to the person and if Robin8 does not have the users profile, Robin8 will calculate the person’s profile and influence based on the content and the campaign that the user takes.


Miranda Tan

CEO and Co-Founder of Robin8

  • 15 years’ experience in PR and marketing
  • Founded and headed 2 leading PR Agencies
  • BS, Cornell University;
  • JD, St. John University School of Law
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