陈建豪Tony Chen

陈建豪Tony Chen

陈建豪 Tony Chen






陈建豪被中国领先的财经媒体《第一财经周刊》评为2013年商业创新50人之一。作为 《中欧商业评论》的专栏撰稿人,他还致力于推广移动营销在中国的发展以及相关业内标准的制订。


在加入电通安吉斯集团之前,他供职于谷歌中国,担任中国区副总裁。陈建豪曾任职于戴尔中国直销总经理、eBay 大中华区市场部副总裁和雅虎中国运营副总裁。

陈建豪毕业于纽约大学,获传播学硕士学位。同时他还获得复旦大学 EMBA 高级工商管理硕士学位。

Tony Chen

CEO of iProspect China,

CEO of Digital Performance Brands North Asia

Chief Innovation Officer of DAN China

Tony is one of the most sought-after speakers on the topic of digital marketing in

China. In addition to delivering keynotes at nearly all major China digital events,

Tony has addressed international audiences at Cannes Lions and Spikes Asia.

Tony, who was named as one of the top 50 Business Innovators in 2013 by CBN

Weekly. He also authored a regular column for CEIBS Business Review

on digital marketing in China.

No stranger to innovation, Tony has 20 years of rich experience in digital innovation, media, commercial and operations on both client and agency sides. This invaluable knowledge will be leveraged in his role as Chief Innovation Officer of DAN China to drive innovation across the group as he works in conjunction with senior management to identify future opportunities in key areas such as data, content, O2O, e-commerce and consumer-centric technologies, etc.

Tony joins DAN from Google China where he was Chief Digital Evangelist in China. Before that, he was General Manager for Dell direct business in Greater China; Marketing VP for eBay China and VP of Operations for Yahoo! China.

Tony has a master’s degree in Communications from New York University and an

EMBA degree from Fudan University.