亿动广告传媒(Madhouse Inc.)是目前全球最大的独立移动广告平台公司。公司于2006年成立,一直专注于移动端广告的程序化解决方案,帮助客户优化移动营销的投入和扩大海外市场。 Founded in 2006, Madhouse Inc. is now the largest independent mobile ad platform company worldwide. Focused exclusively on mobile programma


亿动广告传媒(Madhouse Inc.)于2006年成立,一直专注于移动端广告的程序化解决方案,帮助客户优化移动营销的投入和扩大海外市场。

About Madhouse Inc.

Founded in 2006, Madhouse Inc. is a independent mobile ad platform company. Focused exclusively on mobile programmatic, the company aims to optimize mobile marketing investment for the clients. It not only helps brand advertisers to engage target audience, build brand awareness, enhance purchase intention and increase customer loyalty in China, but also provides solutions for mobile app marketers to acquire quality users globally. Madhouse has more than 260 employees and three offices across China.



马良骏(Joshua Maa)先生是亿动广告传媒(Madhouse Inc.)的创始人兼董事会主席。亿动广告传媒(Madhouse Inc.)是中国移动广告行业的领跑者。

马良骏(Joshua Maa)先生同时还是中国营销创新联盟(MMA China)的联合创始人、董事会成员和旗下移动广告标准与测量委员会主席,负责制定和发布移动广告标准,并促进在业界的推广和应用。

在创办亿动广告传媒(Madhouse Inc.)前,马良骏(Joshua Maa)先生曾任Tom Online 执行副总裁,主管无线业务运营及国际业务发展,成功地将Tom在线成长为中国营收最高的无线增值服务提供商。

在加入Tom在线之前,马良骏(Joshua Maa)先生创办了大中华区领先的无线音乐娱乐服务提供商滚石移动并出任创始CEO。

Joshua Maa

Founder and Chairman

Joshua Maa is the Founder and Chairman of Madhouse Inc., the mobile ad platform company since 2006. He is also the co-founder and board member of MMA China, and the Chairman of Mobile Ad Standards & Measurement Guideline Committee. He is dedicated to draft and establish mobile ad standards and guidelines and help to promote them in practice for all the participants in China market.
Before founding Madhouse, Joshua Maa was EVP at TOM Online, where he managed the Wireless Business & Operations and International Business Development teams, and helped Tom become the largest Wireless Value-Added Service Provider by revenue in China in 2005.
Before TOM Online, Joshua was the Founding CEO of Rock Mobile Corporation, Greater China’s leading Mobile Music Entertainment Service Provider.