Miaozhen Systems 秒针系统

Miaozhen Systems 秒针系统

秒针系统(Miaozhen Systems)创立于2006年,是中国领先的一站式智慧商业技术服务提供商。通过客观、真实的数据,创新、完善的技术解决方案,为企业提供更为科学智能的企业级服务,帮助企业获得敏锐的洞察力及卓越的运营能力。秒针系统为全球百强品牌提供个性化的一站式智慧商业解决方案,驱动营销模式创新。 以「数据创造信任」为己任,帮助企业之间、企业与消费者之间建立互信,推动商业决策建立在可依赖的数据和系统之上。



秒针系统(Miaozhen Systems)创立于2006年,是中国领先的一站式智慧商业技术服务提供商。通过客观、真实的数据,创新、完善的技术解决方案,为企业提供更为科学智能的企业级服务,帮助企业获得敏锐的洞察力及卓越的运营能力。

秒针系统为全球百强品牌提供个性化的一站式智慧商业解决方案,驱动营销模式创新。 以「数据创造信任」为己任,帮助企业之间、企业与消费者之间建立互信,推动商业决策建立在可依赖的数据和系统之上。更多详情,请访问www.miaozhen.com .

About Miaozhen Systems

Founded in 2006, Miaozhen Systems is the leading one-stop smart business technology and service provider in China. With authentic & trusted data and innovative & all-round technology solutions, we help enterprises gain sharp insights and develop exceptional operation capacity. We provide Top 100 global brands with one-stop smart business solutions to drive the innovation of marketing model. Holding the belief that data builds trust, we build mutual trust between enterprises, enterprises and consumers, and drive business decision-making with our reliable data and systems. For more information, please visit www.miaozhen.com.






Jane Zhao​

President of Miaozhen Systems

Ms. Jane Zhao, joined in July, 2013, is the President of Miaozhen Systems and is responsible for the operations and management of Miaozhen’s entire current business.

Before being named President, Jane was the CMO of Miaozhen Systems and was in full charge of business development team, business solution & service team, data solution team and marketing team.

She got into the media research industry in 1995, and accumulated nearly 20 years’ pertinent experience. She served Nelson, CTR successively and once worked as the founder and executive director of CTR Shanghai branch. As an expert with extensive practical experience in media research field, she has taken on various positions from account service personnel, sales, researcher to management and exceled herself together with China’s media industry. With profound insights into traditional media industry both at home and abroad, she is always open to new things and devotes herself into exploring the research, practice and development of new media in the Internet era.