AdTiming是全球优质的智能移动营销平台,推出新一代移动广告变现聚合平台,汇聚全球最优势的营销资源,为国内外企业以及开发者提供高效的移动端营销解决方案及专业服务,版主企业最大化移动广告变现收益,抓住营销时机。目前AdTiming合作伙伴已超500家。 AdTiming现已覆盖200多个国家和地区,通过分析海量媒体、人群、创意数据,自建20,000+用户标签数据库,精准定向用户,发现移动广告最佳展示时机,实现多元跨终端精准投放。通过移动营销、大数据解决方案、技术服务等推动中国企业国际化进程,打造全球范围的移动营销产业链。

AdTiming is the world’s excellent intelligent mobile marketing platform, providing excellent solutions to worldwide mobile developers and brands. We provide the best intelligent mobile marketing solutions in the age of Big Data, and help more Chinese companies go global with our strength in mobile marketing, big data solutions and technical services. AdTiming has traffic from over 200 countries and regions and build more than 20,000 audience tags, helping advertisers find the best of ad timing and precisely target audience through analyzing tons of traffic sources, audiences and creatives. For publishers and developers, with our light and stable SDK powered by our DMP, you can enjoy a better eCPM and fill rate at ease.




Leo Yang

AdTiming CEO

Graduated from the Communication University Of China Leo has been in the Internet industry since 2007, and has experienced the development waves of Internet video, Internet education and mobilization. With over a decade’s experience, Leo has unique understanding on the Internet education, knowledge monetization, commercial products and advertising industry. Leo has been the Assistant President and Partner of EMAR Mobile from 2011 to 2017, leading the business of Internet online video, knowledge monetization, ad networks, DSP among many other products. “YIQIFA”, one of the project he led, has developed into a well-known performance marketing product in Chinese e-commerce circle. Leo joined AdTiming as CEO in 2017, and he’s responsible for the overall operation of the company.