AdView is one of the largest mobile advertising trading platforms in China and is the third-party ad exchange establishment. Founded in the year 2010, AdView is also known as the foremost big data technology service provider built on mobile advertising cloud services platform. In general, it caters to masses with wide ranging and highly efficient buying and supply of mobile ad traffic. The mobile advertisement trading platform is also a pioneer in the implementation of RTB (real-time bidding) and PMP, private deal, followed by the most intricate mobile advertising user behaviour database.





Tom (Lin Sen)

the founder and CEO of Kuaiyou Holding. 

After graduating from Tianjin University, he has held key R&D and project management positions at ZYXEL (a leading company in telecom sector), MII-Microsoft embedded laboratory, and ACCESS, he has also more than 15 years’experience of project management and practices.

Through the years, he has been focusing on MMS and Mobile browser solutions providers for telecom operators in China.

Lin Sen founded Kuaiyou in 2010, and is responsible for team building, platform operations and management.